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I Rented a Car for the First Time EVER! #enterprise #santabarbara #theseareyourdays #yearofme #madetoholiday

Shortly before my trip, I decided to look into renting a car instead of relying on cabs and my pretty little feet. Am I ever glad I did because for just $18/day my cousin and I had the freedom to go where our little hearts desired. It was easily the best decision of the trip – and going through Enterprise {car rental at the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport} was a brilliant choice.

First, booking online was EASY! And second, the staff were amazing and so accommodating!

The only trouble I had was trying to decide which size of vehicle to book. I ended up going for a full size which I quickly realized was not the best choice for me. I’m little so long cars are just awkward.

First up – The Buick Lacrosse, a beautiful car but just a bit too big for me. And, we’d soon find out, a little too big for the driveway cove we had to park in at our rental.


Making me laugh about being old ladies with our Giant Buick. Hahaha

So, the next day we zipped back to the airport to see if there was something smaller that might work better. I wish I remembered the name of who helped me {same each time} because he was so great and got me set up right away with this smaller and also beautiful Chrysler 200.


Totally more my jam {though truly I’m a small SUV girl through and through} – and $16 to fill from empty. SIXTEEN! Boy did I feel like a fool pre-authorizing for $40. hahaha

**Funny story: I went into the gas station to pre-pay and the gas attendant took my credit card and said, “So go fill up and then when you come back in we’ll charge your card.” – I sort of scoffed and said, “Oh, I’m not leaving my credit card with you! ~ Can’t you just pre-authorize it?”

His response, “Um yeah, I can.” **

Hahahahaha…Be careful people…I’m not saying he would have done anything, I’m just saying don’t take any unnecessary chances.

Final thought – Use Enterprise! {And don’t leave your credit card with random people} lol

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