Kick Your Cold With Magical Healing Soup

As requested on facebook – Magical Healing Soup!

From Alicia  Silverstone’s book – The Kind Diet this soup is perfect for those days you are feeling a little under the weather. Like I am today – and have been since Thursday night. I woke up Friday knowing I shouldn’t eat anything BUT this soup – so after a great veggie filled shopping trip I did just that.

It’s different each time I make it, so there really isn’t a *recipe* per se, but I’ll post what I have done…and if you want Alicia’s recipe, I recommend buying the book. 🙂 And check out her website for more recipes, ideas, even giveaways, and a fantastic forum full of others trying to make healthier choices.


6 cups of water in a large pot

6 tsp VE Epicure or Thrive Vegetarian Bouillion (I used to use the store stuff but it has sugar in it…)

3 carrots, chopped

1/4 daikon, in large chunks (they had this at wal-mart….I’d never even heard of or noticed it before)

1/4 red onion, chopped

1/4 yellow onion, chopped

2 celery stalks, chopped

A handful of broccoli florets

3-5 Mushrooms, chopped

1 leek sliced (I LOVE leeks)

1-2 Baby bok choy, chopped (I add this at the end when I’ve turned off the stove

Ginger juice to taste – I have store bought minced ginger but was able to press the spoon into the jar and squeeze out some of the juice. I also put some of the actual ginger into the soup.

Shoyu to taste – I am making the switch gradually to healthier versions of certain ingredients so for now I just used soy sauce

I boiled the first 6 ingredients for about 15 minutes, then added everything else for about 5-7 minutes more….

In Alicia’s version of this soup she recommends topping the soup with watercress, mochi, and nori.

**You can add potatoes, sweet potato, squash, zucchini,  bean sprouts, etc. Just use what you’ve got or try something new!**

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  1. Chansy

    in case you ever wanted to try, watercress would probably be really yummy, growing up we used to eat (garden) cress sandwiches and they are delicious. Cress has a peppery flavor and the health benefits are ridiculous it is just packed with goodness!!


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