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October 2015

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My First Fight With Shaw *angry face* #thesearethedays #theinvisiblelimit

A couple of times in September I had a message on my phone from Shaw wanting to discuss my account, though with so many phone scams going on there was no way I was phoning back. I honestly figured if there was a problem, they could send me a letter. Then the Captain texted to tell me that our internet was out, so I told him I would phone after work. I cannot even explain to you how aggravating the…

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5 Things I Would Change About The Manteo Resort #manteoresort #thesearethedays #kelowna

Our stay at the Manteo Resort was fabulous, for sure, but that doesn’t mean that everything met our expectations. It has nothing to do with being difficult to please {AT ALL}, and everything to do with the expectation that comes with paying $300+/night.   So these are the 5 things I would change: Smack Dab ~ Their in house restaurant, whose slogan is *Crazy Good Food* had okay food, but nothing spectacular. We had their pizza for lunch, which was good, but…

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Scarlet and Gold #givegrace #companiesthatgiveback #payitforwardfriday #adoption #infertility #thesearethedays

While I wasn’t the girl who got pregnant on the first try, and Brooklyn is actually a Rainbow Baby, I can’t even pretend that I know what it’s like to struggle with infertility. And although I was adopted and have seen many lives blessed through adoption, I do not know personally what that actually feels like. I can imagine and think I come pretty close to understanding, but ultimately I don’t know. But I will always support those in their efforts to expand their family.…

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