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I feel like nothing I say will do this story justice.

My heart is so full for this family and their purpose, and I can’t wait for the day they set foot back in their home as a family of FOUR!

The last two weeks I have featured companies that give back to other organizations, and while Grace and Salt is as well, they are doing so in a different way. Instead of donating their funds to another organization’s good deeds, they are using the profit to help fund their international adoption of not one, but two sweet children from Uganda. {Oh my heart}

photo grace and salt these are the days adoption diabetes

Their original plan was to pick up their newly adopted son, but while there, and after a medical diagnosis of Keary (T1D), they discovered an undeniable need to adopt another sweet child (June Bug), who was also recently diagnosed with T1D. The catch? They had just a month to raise $35,000 for this second adoption.

While Keary and her husband are in Uganda, they are actively trying to raise the additional funds needed for June Bug’s adoption. Aside from accepting straight donations {here}, they also have an Etsy shop filled with adorable printables. They have raised just over $23,000 and have less than 10 days to raise the rest, and every little bit helps…in fact, if every one of their instagram followers donated just .30 cents, they would meet their goal! How amazing is that! It’s not something that has to take massive donations or put anyone out. It’s easy, really easy. AND if you’d rather, you can get one of these adorable prints from their Etsy shop in return {Also, follow their story HERE}

graceandsalt these are the days adoption diabetes

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