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July 2015

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T-shirts, T-shirts, Ra-Ra-Ra! #sewingfun #brotherinnovis #brothercanada #thesearethedays

Brother Canada provided me with a Brother Innov-is NQ3500D machine for trial purposes, but all opinions expressed are solely my own and do not necessarily represent or align with the views or opinions of Brother Canada. I’m feeling a little jipped ~ how have I spent all these years not knowing that making shirts could be so easy and fun? Now that I know, it’s all I want to do. I’ve discovered a new love for knit fabric as is…

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Why Going to the Gym is Easy for Me… #notwhatyouthink #thesearethedays #yearofme

I’ve always been a believer that we make time for the things that matter ~ That if something is truly important, we will FIND the time and MAKE it happen. For example, I’ve made the choice to make the time for the gym and because it’s important to me I’ve made the choice to sacrifice certain things in order to make it happen: time with friends, pedicure dates, kid-less grocery trips and a whole scad of other things I could do with…

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