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Why I Went Back To Work

I’ve considered it before. Working *outside* of the home. But the timing wasn’t right. When Brent and I decided to add to our family with children, having me at home with them was important to both of us. And I loved it – it was what I had always wanted, dreamed of…and I was a happy mommy! I am a happy mommy.

I’ve talked previously about the difficulties in parenting an intense child, and while we are mostly out of those trying times, I still can’t forget how stressful it was. How many hours I spent trying to figure out how best to parent – so that he could be his best self. In his last year of preschool, I considered going back to work. Looking for something VERY part time, because I wondered if we needed time apart. But the truth is, after thinking and praying A LOT, I felt strongly that the timing wasn’t right. That he needed me. And honestly, that I needed him.

So I left it at that.

Until last summer, when a friend of mine was going on Maternity Leave. I had been watching her daughter every once in a while and when she said she was pregnant I told her I wanted her job. Part time, at the hospital, and she loved it. I knew I would too, and so, after some back and forth {would the hassle of childcare be worth it?}, I decided the least I could do was apply.

And I got it!

TONS of people applied for the position, so I felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity. It was also neat to look over my resume and see how my life up until that point had given me opportunities and experience that aligned with the job. So, I am a Service Aide – I order and stock the supplies on my unit to make the nurses jobs easier. And I LOVE it! It’s been a year {next Saturday} and I still love it – I love the part time {perfect balance}, the staff {my nurses are amazing}, management {they are great to work for and with}, and the job itself. In a sickening kind of way, I love going to work every day and making things easier for the nurses and other staff. I mean, seriously LOVE it.

c/o Eternal Reflections Photography {I've told you, my cousin rocks}

c/o Eternal Reflections Photography {I’ve told you, my cousin rocks}

It’s perfect – The year before would not have gone so well I don’t think, but the timing was right. Of the 2 days I worked, Jonah was in kindergarten one of them and at a friend’s house playing the other {Brooklyn is full time school}. Not any different really than his life would have been otherwise. I work 2 out of every 6 Saturdays so the kids either get a day with their dad or grandparents – which I think is something every kid should have the benefit of.

It’s my first summer working, and I’ve had to do a lot of self talk. I love my job, but also don’t ever want work to crowd my priority of being a mom – a stay at home mom. But so far, it’s been amazing and we are packing everything we can into my days off. We are making the most of the time we have, and in some ways I think the working days help me appreciate the days off even that much more!

This has been an amazing year, and I hope I can continue in this position if my friend doesn’t come back, or in something similar if she does. I don’t see myself ever being a full time kinda girl – as spoiled as it sounds, I don’t ever want my life to be ALL work…especially with Brent working full time. I see now how difficult the balance can be between marriage, family, and working…nevermind time for self. And I don’t want to have too many balls in the air. But I am loving the part time for sure! And am grateful I followed the instinct not only to apply, but to wait a year before thinking seriously about the working option.

Some times, things happen just as they should.

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