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I Dream Of Faraway Places #madetoholiday #thesearethedays #makingmemories

I don’t spend hours on Pinterest like I did in the beginning. Part of that is I have gotten busier and therefore made less time for it, and part of it is shifting my focus from PINNING, to DOING. My pinterest is filled with Cute Kids Stuff, Food I Love, Inspiration, Things That Make Me Laugh, and more…so much more. I love looking through each album to get new ideas or remember something that has helped me….but the one that…

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Why I Went Back To Work

I’ve considered it before. Working *outside* of the home. But the timing wasn’t right. When Brent and I decided to add to our family with children, having me at home with them was important to both of us. And I loved it – it was what I had always wanted, dreamed of…and I was a happy mommy! I am a happy mommy. I’ve talked previously about the difficulties in parenting an intense child, and while we are mostly out of…

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For Good Reason… #thesearethedays #makingmemories

I know I’ve been MIA {except the past few days}, and while I LOVE blogging and miss it when I don’t make the time for it, the truth is I’m not sorry. Because I’m working part time {my first summer working *outside the home* since having kids}, I’m making sure the days I’m off are filled with lots of fun, sun, and icy cold treats! So while I have at least a hundred posts brewing in my head, I’m taking…

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Six Little Ducks That I Once Knew… #inourbackyard #makingmemories

We don’t live near water…no stream or pond or lake is even close. Which makes the arrival of a mama duck and her SIX {count ’em six} ducklings that much more awesome. There they were…six sweet little ducklings toddling after their mama. I realize my lack of camera and zoom lens takes something out of this photo op….but you get the picture….SO cute! Problem is – being so far from water, how do you just let mama and her ducklings…

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What’s In A Name? #puppynames #thesearethedays

Choosing names for kids was hard. I’m picky, and Brent is even pickier. But puppy names – even more difficult!  I asked everyone for suggestions – and quickly discovered that I don’t love people names for pets. So while Sadie was a HUGE suggestion, it wasn’t even an option for me because it’s totally a people name. And of course, a reader named Sadie jumped on and begged me not to use it for our dog {you’re welcome, Sadie}. I…

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Don’t Let Summer Vacation Terrorize You! #familyvacationtips #thesearethedays

Don’t Let Summer Vacation Terrorize You: Tips for a Fun Family Vacation and Taking it in Stride We’ve all seen them before. They wander with their dead eyes, disheveled clothes and frazzled hair, through airports, or are seen tumbling out of cars trailed by crumbs and empty juice cartons. They are zombie moms; moms who are trying to navigate summer vacation but have become disoriented by all the hassle. But summer vacation doesn’t have to be a source of stress.…

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