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I Needed That! #givingisbeautiful #payitforward #thesearethedays

I had a rough day.

And those who know me, know it doesn’t happen very often. I’m a happy person by nature – like sickeningly happy…positive…glass is half full {though in my sickeningly happy world, it’s actually completely full}…

My feathers are not easily ruffled and I take pride in being able to compartmentalize different areas of my life, so crummy moments don’t make for crummy days. But today – today was rough.

Starting off with sleeping really crappy the last two nights – being tired NEVER helps – and adding a rather frustrating situation into the mix. Not work related, though the exchange took place while at work {via text}…and not husband or kids related {we are great}. But it continues to amaze me when grown adults can act so ridiculous and haven’t, even in their 40’s and 50’s+ learned how to communicate effectively. Or when they aren’t willing to listen, or be flexible…and when they are the ones being seriously rude, try and turn it around to the other person being that way {me in this case}. It was ridiculous and really took over my entire day.

Which I also hate.

And then I got home…to my kids. That I adore dearly, I really do….but they are driving me CRA-CRA! They are whiney, messy, complaining about cleaning, and fighting….boy, do they fight. And then, they decided to spray bug spray in the kitchen.

Today – today I wasn’t equipped to deal with it. I just wasn’t, but instead of losing my cool – for no other reason than to relieve my own building crabbiness – I sent them to their rooms. They played quietly there for over an hour and I think we all needed that time. Then I had an errand to run and was honestly excited to just go on my own.

But I felt like I had the Bitchy Resting Face {sorry, that’s what it’s called}….which is something I normally don’t have at all – remember, ridiculously happy.

So I ran and did my errands, ending off on the one that made the entire day better. I stopped by to drop off my receiving blankets, baby towels, bibs, and a few burp cloths that needed a new home – to a girl from facebook who had her baby THIS MORNING! {Congratulations!!!!!}

They needed a new home anyways, and I wanted them out of my house…and it’s always nice to be able to help out, even in these small ways. But I was not prepared for what happened. Dropping them off to her mother in law was awesome. She was so sweet and kind, and glowing the way only new grandmothers do….and we had a lovely chat.

We said our goodbyes, I gave my well-wishes, and then jumped in my vehicle to drive off.

And the emotion hit me and my eyes welled with tears! The emotion of the entire day just flooded me…this one moment of giving completely took over. Not because I did anything amazing {they were receiving blankets, people}, but the small act of giving…the moment of thinking outside myself…THAT made all the difference. And erased all the negativity from the day.

And I SOOOOO needed that!


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