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June 2013

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Companies That Give Back #yycflood #companiesgiveback #payitforward

Well if  you follow my facebook page {and Canadian news} you are probably well aware of the devastating floods in Southern Alberta. Calgary, where I was born and raised was hit the worst, with Medicine Hat {lived for first 5 years of my life and visited regularly as a kid} and Edmonton being hit as well. Calgary and the surrounding areas {High River for example} are experiencing mass amounts of destruction and thousands of people are kicking it into high…

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Dreamweaver XE – Part I #brothercanada #lettheangelssing

It’s been a while now since this beautiful machine made a temporary home with us. And while my kitchen is cleaner as a result of it not being the table centerpiece – I’m still very very bummed. So are my unfinished {and un-started} sewing projects. It’s take me so long to write this post for one major reason – I didn’t know where to start. I mean, what to mention first, what will you find valuable, etc. So I made…

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A{nother} Julep Review Part II #julep

  Ready for my thoughts on the last two Julep boxes I received?  {Read about November and February Maven Boxes Here} The American Beauty Maven Profile was changed to Modern Beauty for the March boxes. It was precisely for this reason that I chose not to skip the March box. I was not a huge fan of the multiple polishes each month {can get excessive quickly} and was THRILLED they were going to be changing it up with more full…

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