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Whitefish {Our Week In Review} #makingmemories

We spent the last week enjoying a blissful family getaway to our condo in Whitefish. Normally we go with Brent’s entire family, but this time, it turned out NOONE could come. So, for what will probably be the one and only time, we had it to ourselves. What did we do? Invite friends of course! Now, we would have loved to invite several of our closest friends, but that would have resulted in about 15 kids – which in a…

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Where I Lay

Brent and I have been married for 10 years. And in this time, we’ve NEVER had a bedding set. In fact, we’ve actually been using a Star Wars quilt one of Brent’s ex-girlfriend’s made for him. for real. Until now…..while in Whitefish this past week I happened upon a Queen bedding set in ROSS – one that caught my eye right away aaaaaand was only $35!!!!! I haven’t bought one up until now because I never liked one enough to…

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It Could Give Me An Anxiety Attack

Brooklyn is 8 and often BEGS me to let her stay home alone when I have to run quick errands. When it’s her and her brother, there is just no way. Not only is she legally not able to be left in charge of another child, but the way they fight sometimes, I’m not entirely certain I’d come home to two living children. {surely those of you with children know what I’m talking about. I’m not willing. As far as…

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Time To Get Your Blurb Book Done! {Coupon Code}

Blurb has come back to offer a fabulous 25% discount on any orders placed from now until April 15th {yep, a week away}. I know this is fast…and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out EXACTLY what you want to do. So let me give you some ideas! Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner – consider a Blurb book for Grandma and Grandpa filled with photos of their grandkids. Maybe all photos of the kids…

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Easter Simplified #makingmemories

I have a habit of going overboard. It’s so easy to justify getting the kids many different things because *they will just love it*…but before you know it, you have overfilled and overindulgent gift baskets, with items that get lost, broken, or simply forgotten about within a short period of time. Our kids are 8 and 5…we know this story all too well. And we are committed to making a change. Keeping this in mind, we were able to *inform…

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Dreams Come True With WestJet #makingmemories #familyvacation #dreamscometrue

Well, The Prize That (Wa)sn’t…, IS! If you follow along on my facebook page {shame on you if you don’t}, you would have seen that Brent came home from work this past week with a new and extended prize for the WestJet tickets! *happy dance* Our family vacation is going to happen after all! The kids are going to be SO excited!!!! We will be staying at Paradise Village in Puerto {Nuevo} Vallarta….and playing it up with the kids in…

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I’m A Genius – Part II

I love when I have a great idea. I tend to dream big, so often have to scale back before my ideas can become reality. But this one – this one was immediate, simple, and perfect. I’ve talked recently about how we are trying to shift our focus as a family onto making more MEMORIES instead of having more THINGS. As a result, we’ve been really trying simplify the amount of STUFF we have in our home. Room by room,…

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I’m A Genius – Part I

I have never had a makeup bag. Honestly, I’ve just used random ziplocs and other cosmetic bags I’ve come across over the years. None of them have really proven super effective and let’s be honest, makeup gets things dirty! And then I had the genius idea to use a container I’d been previously using for craft supplies. And WA-BAM! My bathroom counter is now clean and tidy….each item has a place…each place is staying organized….AND I know where it all…

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Nothing Like A Beach Holiday To Motivate #beachbodymotivation #whoswithme

Okay, so it wasn’t that long ago that I posted about Brent winning 2 free tickets anywhere West Jet flies. We did find a week that we thought would work and decided we’d take the opportunity to spend it at Paradise Village, celebrating our {10th} anniversary where we honeymooned almost exactly 10 years ago. {We honeymooned 6 months after our wedding. Best. Decision. Ever.} I was working through the idea of not taking our kids, and was actually starting to…

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