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March 2013

3 In Personal/ VACAY!!

The Prize That Isn’t

So here’s the deal. Brent was home sick Monday and Tuesday of this week. He didn’t even know he qualified for the contest, which made the win even sweeter. A coworker called him at home Tuesday night and spread the great news that he had won. What, you may ask? TWO TICKETS ANYWHERE WESTJET FLIES! Seriously, how amazing is that!? And our planning began. Having wanted to take a fabulous family vacay – let the kids experience a tropical beach…

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0 In Feature/ Just for Fun/ Personal/ Sewing

Yep, Still Sewing #makingmemories #brothercanada

I am nearing end of the loan period for the Dreamweaver XE that was sent to me by Brother Canada. And honestly, I DON’T WANNA GIVE IT BACK!  **Stomps Foot** And also, my friends and I are sewing the crap out of it – and loving every minute. We have already made embroidered shirts, 3 dresses, 1 skirt1 appliqued shirt, bound a quilt, and are currently in the middle of quilting another small quilt. PLUS – There are about 3…

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