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It’s The New Cool ~ Geekie

Gone are the days of this:

steve urkel

Though let’s be honest – we all loved him!

But seriously – this version of Geekie didn’t last long, nor was it *COOL*. We all loved Steve Urkel, but nobody really wanted to look like him {except maybe as Stefan? Oh come on, you were smitten}.

Well, there’s a new Geekie in town and everyone’s gonna want it! I know I do – and my kids, LOVE their new shirts. In fact, Jonah giggles all day any time he wears his.


Tickle Me Calculator and Cool and Sweet Ice Cream Treat

{from the website} Geekie is a children’s clothing company that empowers the importance and awareness of education and individuality. Our focus is to encourage kids of all ages to embrace their inner Geek. From the little girl that sits in the front of the class answering all the questions, to the athlete who stays in the gym a little longer. They all have that willingness to be the best at whatever they set their minds to. Our aim is to show that even the smartest kid can be the most popular, the best athlete could have the best GPA, and the word Geek is synonymous with the word cool.  Our designs emulate the same frame of mind. The Tshirts give off a positive attitude with enlightened colors and a fun and playful geekie feel.

I told them to do Geekie faces and this is what I got. Ha!


Ah, nice smiles….though can you see the wet hair spot on the wall behind? lol


I adore Brooklyn’s popsicle {revello-esque} shirt – it’s simple and classic and totally adorable – not to mention completely *cool* and *sweet*. And I mean really, a tickle me calculator? LOVE.

Jonah loves it too!


With a better future in mind, we aspire for the next generation to stay Different, and be Geekie!

~For the Geek in all us

*Disclosure: I was sent the shirts pictured above for my children at no cost, to facilitate this review.

But, as always, all opinions are my 100% my own!*

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