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Brother DreamWeaver XE – Some Goodies #brothercanada #disney #makingmemories

If you are a follower on my Facebook page, you already know I have HUGE news! HA-UGE!

Brother Canada contacted me a few weeks ago offering their new Dreamweaver XE {sewing, quilting, and embroidery machine} for review – I KNOW! – I nearly peed my pants too! I could not believe it and honestly squealed with delight for days. But also tried to reign in the excitement *just in case* it didn’t happen.

And then the Purolator truck parked outside my house.

I may have genuinely jumped for joy and squealed with delight with my friend who was over. And immediately opened the door in anticipation.

But he didn’t give me a sewing machine. #bummer

Until he did.

He gave me a smaller backorder package from a completely unrelated order and another larger box with *I had no idea what* in it. So I mentioned that I had been so anxious because of a sewing machine I was waiting for and that’s when it clicked. He said *Oh wait, I do have one of those for you*


dreaweaver xe

And this thing is a monster – a beast…..and a BEAUTY! I’ll go into further details for review purposes, but for now, let’s look at a few projects that have been created on this gorgeous machine that has made it’s temporary home in my kitchen {temporary – yes they want it back…I know, totally rude….such a tease! lol}.

Project #1 {let’s play with embroidery}:


Minnie Mouse

Project #2 {let’s play with quilting}:


This binding for this gorgeous quilt was done on this machine. The *body* of the

quilt was done on a Laura Ashley Brother Quilting Machine!

Project #3 {let’s play again with embroidery…and some sewing}:


Minnie Mouse Bag

And the inside {because even Minnie Mouse can be a little sassy sometimes}:


And, finally, Project #4 {let’s make a dress}:

alexa dress

Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy

Adorable pillowcase dress pattern from ViolaLee Patterns on Etsy.

And we have no plans for stopping. These were just the first two days of testing this out. We have quilts and appliques and more embroidery…more sewing, and tons more FUN!!!!

Stay tuned – this Dreamweaver XE will be well loved!


Disclosure: I was sent the Dreamweaver XE from Brother Canada for review purposes. I have this machine on loan {though dream about keeping it of course} and am going to make as many projects as possible to maximize my time and experience.

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