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Ice Fishing Fun #makingmemories

Well, not only did we end 2012 with a buttload of FUN – Our December was Amazing! – we also started 2013 with the same sort of focus.

Making Memories

And we’ve had a BLAST! We started out by taking one more stab {pun intended} at ice fishing, we made a plan for us and 2 other friends and their families to spend the day at the lake {doesn’t mean the same thing when you say it in the winter lol}. We packed up our fire pit, lots of warm clothes, the kids sleds, and lots of food and went on our way {our friends have all the ice fishing gear}. We had more success than the time before, and the fire pit was a genius idea {yes, it was mine}. It was the perfect way to spend the day and find a way to enjoy the winter weather {yes, it’s possible}. And, as a plus, Brooklyn stayed outside the entire time!


First catch of the day


Closer than I’ll get


Fishy kiss? *shudder*


Makeshift bed for naptime


The full view {worked like a charm}


Can’t be good for his back


Me and the boy


We love to be silly


Quad + sled attached with rope = Highlight of the kids day {all 7 of them}


Boys ride!


Because this growly photo of Brent makes me laugh

While I’m still {and always} anxious for summer to return, this day made winter pretty darn awesome!

Ending the day with pizza and games at our friend’s house afterwards didn’t hurt either. 😉


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