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I Remember What It Was…. #Julep

In the car the other day I noticed my lips were looking a little lack-lustre, so I reached for my lip gloss and that’s where it happened.

My A-ha moment {Oprah style}!

Remember how I couldn’t remember which product came in one of my Julep boxes? Well I totally know now….it was the lip gloss that I keep in my car! {which is why I couldn’t remember….I couldn’t find it lol and forgot I kept it in the vehicle}.

julep lip vernis

Similar in look to the mascara bottle {seriously so pretty}, and a product I genuinely love. I love the smell and the way it goes on.  It quickly and easily became my favorite gloss. However… the problem I have is that the bottle leaks. Right side up or upside down, in my purse or stationary in the car…it leaks. ALL. OVER.

Now, a girl can’t have that.

I don’t even see this product listed anymore on the website, so it may not even be available anymore. But it was *this* close to being an *all-time* favorite product of mine.

But alas, the search continues.

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