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A Christmas of Memories {The Gifts} #makingmemories

What do you buy your kids for Christmas when you want to SIMPLIFY and not bring any more *stuff* into the house?

That’s tough.

But we did it. Keeping our focus on making more MEMORIES instead of having more STUFF, and still wanting to see the magic in our kids eyes as they open their gifts – we found a way to get the perfect balance.

Here’s what we got:

*First things first – I forgot to bring the kids stockings {doh} so Brooklyn and Jonah crafted their own to leave out.*


And Santa didn’t miss a beat:



Brooklyn’s stocking included two pairs of shoes, socks, underwear, a zooble, a littlest pet shop, some chapter books, and a fashion design kit {large wrapped gift}. I can’t remember what was in the smaller wrapped gift. haha


Jonah’s stocking included socks, Uno cards, two Cars Lego figures {Lightening McQueen and Mater}, hot wheels cars, some books, and a hugs fabulous Grave Digger flipping truck {large wrapped gift}. And again, I have no idea what was in the smaller wrapped gift.

what is wrong with me?

My gifts to the kids were homemade. Nothing fancy, but jammies are something they LOVE. They each got two new pairs {one pair matching the ones I made for their cousins…Brooklyn and E have girl/boy monkey jammies, and Jonah and Z have the same monster ones}. And since I don’t have photos of the new ones here are photos of one of the pairs I made them in November.



And, I also made some clothes for Brooklyn’s American Girl doll {tank tops, jeans, and some jammies} using patterns from Liberty Jane.


matching jammies


matching pink skinnies

And I know it may seem silly, and you may be wondering what on earth we were thinking, but Brent got the kids a Wii. My idea.


The reasons were simple. We had one a few years ago that jonah wrecked {multiple DVD’s being shoved in are apparently not good for the machine. who knew.} so already have all the accessories and games. And quite frankly, at 8 and 5 – and with their love for games, etc. – they are at perfect ages for making a ton of memories as a family. Which is precisely our goal, right? Making memories.

And boy, have we ever. We play it daily and have a blast.


Daddy Daughter Wii Time


Father Son Wii Time {yes Jonah is wearing Brooklyn’s purple housecoat. lol}


Jonah and Brent had a game of Bowling. Brent was seriously trying – but it didn’t matter. Jonah’s a machine!

Can you see it? Jonah 216, Brent 169

I finally feel like we hit a perfect balance. Things they needed, some things they wanted, spoiled rotten by family, and some great ways to make memories.

Another reason this was the BEST.CHRISTMAS.EVER.

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