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Cash Party {The BEST Part}

When I talked about the kids’ birthday celebrations, I mentioned that being able to celebrate with friends is the BEST part. And I mean it – it’s incredibly important and creates so many lasting memories. But I think I may have made a wee oversight, and would like to place it at SECOND BEST if I may.

Because the truth is, it was the toy GIFTING that topped our list. Buying the items and taking them to the Pediatric unit will always rank as one of our 10 best family moments. While we’ve done it a few times a year for the past 7 years, this time was really special. Being able to gift a whole swack of items to help bring a smile to several children, well  it was pure magic.


The loot

I found it really difficult to choose items. It all looks like *stuff* to me, so I really tried to choose some  useful and *play-worthy* items. Namely: Hot Wheels {can never go wrong}, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, a couple of dolls, Thomas Mega Blocks, some lego {for older patients}, and more.


Skipping through the parkade with Brent

It was especially exciting because they got to see where I work {though I’m not on Pediatrics}.


Jonah running to catch up


On the way up

This photo was taken at the exact moment the elevator operator was announcing technical difficulties. #freakout Not to worry, the elevator only sat in limbo for a moment, before going down and then finally back up to our destination. *phew*

And then we delivered the items.

SO fun! {and of course I have no photos *doh*}

But this was, BY FAR, the BEST part of their cash birthdays.

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