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Cash Party {The Celebrations – Part II}

I can never seem to have it *all* together. And as a result, the kids parties seem to be late….like REALLY late. Brooklyn’s birthday is late September and Jonah’s in early October. Last year, Brooklyn’s party was in December and Jonah’s was in January {I KNOW}. This year, while making some progress, their parties were still late. I had them in November. Next year I’m determined to get my act together and do them closer to their actual birthdays. Many people told me to just not do them…not put that on myself…but I couldn’t. I can’t. It’s not their fault I didn’t get it planned and done, and really, when all is said and done – we love getting to celebrate together, whether it’s a week before their birthday or a month {or more} after. The kids had fun!

Here’s what we did. Brooklyn requested a Nightmare Before Christmas party and Jonah had a Cars one so he could have the Lightening McQueen cake from Walmart {which by the way is arguably the worst tasting cake ever…}.


The Setup

Thanks to being after Halloween, I got to snatch up all thecups and plates, etc. at 50-70% off!


The Water Bottles

These fabulous Nightmare Before Christmas water bottle wrappers came from Freakn’ Sweet Shop on Etsy.


No Friday night party is complete without glow sticks for everyone {thank you dollar store!}


No need to go crazy on goody bags – everyone got a small bag of candy as they left.

I am a Halloween baby, though I only remember having a Halloween related party once. My mom got dry ice for the punch and it was so cool. I remember – a defining moment – thinking my mom was SO cool. All my friends thought so too. At Brooklyn’s party, I got to be THAT mom! #proudmommymoment


I got to be THAT mom!

All the kids loved it.


All the kids tried to touch the fog


Love these cupcake toppers!

The Cupcake Toppers are also from the Freakn’ Sweet Shop.


The gorgeous birthday girl


Getting ready to open all the *gifts* {ie envelopes of money}

And, humorously, Brooklyn read every.single.word. on each card…..to the point where partway through, some of the kids actually got up and left the room. Bahahaha….however, I LOVE that it mattered to Brooklyn what the cards said and who each gift was from. #tenderheart


Seriously, every word. lol

After watching A Nightmare Before Christmas, the kids had a dance party. Who knew

3rd graders could be so smelly. Seriously, gym locker anyone?


The Worm!


This photo brings me so much happiness. Look at the joy and laughter in their faces!

And, onto Jonah’s the very next morning!


Jonah loved picking out the Cars accessories


The water bottles!

These adorable Cars water bottle labels are from Creative Party Pixels on Etsy.


The cake that inspired it all….cute to look at, not so great to taste

I got to be THAT mom again! 😉


Jonah’s friend trying to catch the fog in his cup.


The happy birthday boy!


Thankfully I made cupcakes too.

These adorable Cars cupcake toppers are from nra designs on Etsy


My sweet, messy haired boy

Bottom line – we had a blast! And on Saturday afternoon, I was SO glad we’d done it. 

And that it was over. 😉

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