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Future #FashionStars

Whenever the sewing machine comes out, my kids can’t help but want in on the action. Brooklyn is constantly pinning scraps into clothes for her barbies and trying to create something fabulous.

Even vampires need variety

Just wrapping away ūüôā

And this time, Jonah really got into it as well. He hid behind the island and went to work.

It’s a start

I love it – I am able to get some *not top secret* projects done, and they get to feel like they are a part of it, WHILE letting their creative juices flow! {AND, keeping the tv off – BONUS}

Pretty cute hey? Jonah opted for the safer, scotch tape option.

But we quickly realized an important detail was missing…

oops, sorry Cinderella. {snicker}

Phew – much better!

It was a GREAT way to spend some time together – now I need to get them at the machine to really create something fabulous and permanent!

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