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The Truck #notaford #needaford

On the days that I work, Brent and I switch vehicles so that he can take the kids to and from school. Yesterday was one such day, and let me tell you. It was the last.

Here’s the story:

The Truck

This 1990 beauty was my father in law’s, and when he passed away 3 1/2 years ago, Brent snagged it. Honestly, it’s been a real blessing and even though it’s old and has issues, with Brent’s job just a few minutes away it’s perfect. Until I had to drive it that is.

Once upon a time there was a handle…

Now I don’t care that it’s old {1990 Nissan}, or that it’s missing a passenger handle {open from the inside only}. I don’t care that the seatbelt doesn’t work properly, or that it’s rusty and falling apart.

Perhaps we should just trim the rubber strip?

I don’t care that it claims to be something it’s not {when was this truck EVER a King Cab?}.


In fact in lots of ways I like driving a beater vehicle. It really doesn’t bother me, even though I by and far prefer our 2005 Ford Escape. But I would drive this every day of the week if I needed to – I mean really, it’s just sitting in a parkade at work all day.

The problem is this:

IT SQUEALS. Like this {only without breaks}

And it SUCKS on ice. Which wouldn’t normally be a problem except that this is what our roads looked like this week after a massive dump of snow.

The roads

Not icy at all {ha!}

And every time it caught a wee bit of the edge and slipped I knew I was going to die. #dramatic

So now I’m in a squealing death trap on my way to work. And every time I stopped at a red light {so about every minute} the squealing intensity would increase…people watched me {and plugged their ears I’m sure} on the road, in the parkade, and on my way out. It really doesn’t bother me that in amongst the brand new Fords, Acura’s, Nissan’s, Mercedes, etc. sits this treat of a vehicle. But when people can HEAR me coming….like fingernails and forks on a chalkboard….I have a problem.

And when I tell my husband about the squealing and he says I need to turn the heater off {so it stops squealing}:

Who needs heat?

I say, *Oh no, I don’ t need to turn off the heater, because I am NEVER. DRIVING. THIS. TRUCK. AGAIN!

And I’m not.

{now would be an appropriate time to thank my friend, Tara for not only helping with my kids but becoming a bit of a chauffeur so I can avoid this situation from ever happening again. You rock my face off!}


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