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Fresh vs. Seasoned #stonetemplepilots

When I surprised Brent with tickets to the Calgary Stone Temple Pilots concert, I initially anticipated he would just take a friend. I mean,  I suppose he did – but I wasn’t exactly who I initially had in mind. It was, of course, exciting for me, but it also made me nervous. Sometimes I feel like I’m so out of the *cool concert phase* which made me a little apprehensive as far as not sticking out like a sore thumb {the lame wife trying to be cool}. LOL

I’m a happy and *cool* wife 😉

But, in addition to making sure I listened to STP in the vehicle every chance I got, I also decided to just act the part. First things first, I bought new clothes. New pants/capris actually so that I could feel like I looked put together – moreso than my daily yoga pants make me feel. 😉

It worked and I felt great….and I figured that while I wouldn’t know EVERY song, and certainly not every lyric, I would know enough to really enjoy it. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I actually fit in.

Brent and I were among the youngest there {35 and 31}, with some of course younger and some even still 60+. It was awesome. I quickly realized that this was my kind of crowd. Stereotypically speaking there were jocks, preps, computer nerds, punks, businessmen, etc. – people from every single different genre {are people ever classified as genres? well, they are now} – all there to see STP!

Remember the awesome view I had? 😉

Now here’s the other thing. An outsider might have peered in and determined that it was a really lame concert and/or a really lame crowd. No mosh pits or other busting/mucking around like we did 15+ years ago. But if you were a part of the concert you would know both were wrong, we were the BEST crowd ever. And here’s why:

WE LOVE STP! We went to the concert to SEE them and HEAR them….to bop in our own little ways to the music and just take it all in. Feel it….and in some lame and cheesy kind of way, be impacted by it. We weren’t there to smash our heads around {we are more prone to headaches at our age}, or bounce around on the concrete floor {fragile bones, you know}….and despite it being past most of our bedtimes, you might think it was a lack of energy that caused the difference. But no…the truth is, we were energized and really APPRECIATE good music.

Have I mentioned how awesome the concert was? Oh my sweet goodness, it was amazing – and yes, we are STILL talking about it {and still SO grateful we didn’t pass our Calgary tickets to some friends and buy Lethbridge ones instead….the Lethbridge show was cancelled the day of! #dodgedabullet}.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/2PHzAIzLIn0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

**For your viewing pleasure – I wish the recording was a little clearer..

but even still it’s plain awesome**

Funniest moment of the night? When a young *kid* {I can say that now – I’m in my 30’s} tried to crowd surf….Two people over and he was DOWN. Sigh….I’m telling you, there are some major differences between the seasoned crowds and the young and fresh ones. Both appreciate the music obviously, but in different ways and for different reasons.

Of course, if I never have to do a 4 hour standing only concert on concrete again I’ll be a happy {seasoned} girl. But it was really, really, really worth it.

And we really would happily do it again.


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