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My Month In Review {September}

I know, I know….my blogging has been less than regular this past month. I promise it has nothing to do with not wanting to – heaven knows I have a million blog posts floating in my head that need to be written. I really just had a super busy month – busier than normal for sure, and while I look back and wonder how I survived, the truth is I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all. #thankful So just to give…

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I’m Proud To Be A Crappy Mom! #notacrappymom

Before I had kids I knew exactly how to parent them {HA!}, what choices were right and best, and why certain children acted in certain ways. As I’ve gotten older and my parenting experience has broadened, I’ve learned A LOT. I’ve learned that there is no right way to parent, that every child really is different, and that every step is different than the last. So all in all, I will always have a lot to learn about parenting…but I…

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Best. Wife. Ever. #surprises

A couple of months ago I surprised Brent with tickets to the upcoming Stone Temple Pilots concert {best. wife. ever.} by mailing them to him at work:   And because mailing things like this {even registered} makes me nervous, I took a photo of the tickets: I was away for the week when I sent them, making it even more awesome….and I so wish I had video of him opening them. See, it’s like pulling teeth to get this guy…

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Perky™ PLUS Stain Remover {Cleaning Can Be Fun!} #success

When my parents bought a new rug for their home, they passed the reject onto us. And we couldn’t be happier! We LOVE it and it really looks great in our front room. But it definitely needed a shampoo to perk it up again and it made a huge difference. Imagine our excitement when just a couple of months after putting it in, we noticed HUGE dark stains and had no idea where they were from. Sigh.     And…

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Grade Three and Kindergarten

Last week on the night before I released these two to the school! *evil laugh*   Brooklyn started grade 3 this year and Jonah began Kindergarten – and I couldn’t be any more excited for them and the experiences they are going to have. Plus, having each other at school a couple of days a week just makes me happy! And of course…..the morning of! One week in already….and they are LOVING it!…

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Arrrrr! It’s Me Lad, Jonah

Every year for Halloween I try and think of something the kids can be together. It honestly hasn’t happened yet, but the dream is alive. Well, folks….that is about to change. I already have Brooklyn’s costume as compensation for some previous blog work, so when given the opportunity to review a kids costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, I knew it was Jonah’s turn AND what I was looking for. So the shopping began. With 14 Pirate type costumes, it was…

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Squishy Baff {NOT for the *Baff*} #makingmemories

A few months ago when the commercial came on for Squishy Baff, Jonah asked if we could buy it. Not only are we on a huge *buying stuff* hiatus {how much stuff do they even need???}, but it also looked like something I would regret buying. Bathtub cleanup anyone? Jonah asked if we could buy it when we were at the condo and I agreed. It the one place we splurge a little to make the holiday extra special. The…

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