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Our Summer Soundtrack {#makingmemories with Kidz Bop 22}

Several trips to the beach, a week long trip to Drayton Valley {took 7 hours the way there and 8 on the way home}, a weekend camping trip an hour away, and several other daily errands and activities…

And Kidz Bop 22 has been there every step of the way.

We loved the *Ultimate Hits* volume so much I couldn’t wait for this one to arrive. Knowing it had Stronger, Call Me Maybe, and a few other of my kids favorite current hits, I was certain this would be the next bit hit. I couldn’t have been more right. Before I even have the chance to buckle my seatbelt the kids are demanding {seriously} I turn it on. Immediately they are both singing along, and our car ride is complete {okay, I admit it, I totally belt it out too}. Especially fun is the beginning of *Starships* while on our way to the beach {Let’s go to the beach, each, let’s go get away…}

And of course, Jonah found the mud puddle at the beach!

Case in point – on our recent trip to Drayton Valley that involved 15 hours on the road {13 of actual driving}, Kidz Bop was ALL we had. No Nintendo DS, no Ipod, no in car DVD player. Nada. And not only did we survive, but the trip was awesome. The kids were great, only having a few scuffles…we played a few games of I Spy, sang some songs, and talked, but I would say that of those 13 hours, at least 10 of them were spent in the happy energy of Kidz Bop.

We love it and we aren’t sick of it – which says a lot – it really has become our summer soundtrack and has only added to our already awesome memories.

That’s what I’m looking for….making and enhancing fabulous memories!


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