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August 2012

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OASAP {and why my feet are so happy}

About a month ago I was thrilled to be approved as a fashion blogger for OASAP. I got busy shopping online, trying to select the first item to review. It was a toss up between a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, but since clothing fits can be tricky I opted for the shoes for the first go around. Besides, everyone can use another pair of shoes right? I know I can {husband, don’t deny it}. These are…

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Letting It Go {My struggle with #anxiety}

Many who know me know that I suffered from anxiety for years {timeline totally related to becoming a mom}. Not noticeable, not medicated, but serious enough that many nights were spent awake in some form of panic. Luckily for my kids, it never prevented us from doing things. Road trips, fun activities, etc. were all experienced and enjoyed, but not without days, sometimes even weeks of sleepless nights and A LOT of self talk. Really, I’m a pro at the…

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