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Dreaming Of Myrtle Beach {With RedWeek}

Years ago my best friend and I happened upon a gem of a movie called Shag {any UK readers out there are probably snickering or gasping silently at the title lol}. The movie takes place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where the main characters take a girls trip to have one last *hurrah* before one of them gets married. We were  young teenagers, always looking for the strangest, never heard of before movies {Strictly Ballroom anyone??…random fact – the director…

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A Little {Or A Lot Of} Perspective – Let’s Talk About Gratitude

Have you ever had a moment with one of your children when the fragility of life just knocks you down? When you realize just how little control we have and how quickly things can change? Doesn’t it give you a new-found sense of gratitude and perspective? I know I have personally had such experiences more than a few times and lessons are always intense. And my anxiety following – well, that’s for another post I suppose.…

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Make Your Next Memories With RedWeek

It’s no secret I love to holiday….and often spend time online pricing out fantasy vacations and getaways. It might be a wee addiction, but I have no intentions of quitting. It is seriously SO much fun {not quite as fun as actually GOING on the holidays, but a close second}. And Redweek has only fueled the passion and given me so many more ideas and options.…

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18 Summers {And Why I’m Making The Most Of It}

I start anticipating the last day of school, on the first day of school. While I don’t mind having some routine and certainly enjoy some of the quiet times, I love the summer months of freedom….having both kids home all day, every day and the option of doing WHATEVER we want, WHENEVER we want to. Being in Canada means of our 8 weeks of summer holidays, usually only about 4-5 of them are actually SUMMER weather. So we need to…

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