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June 2012

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Making Memories EVERY Day {#Free #Activitiesforkids}

One thing I’ve really started focusing on is putting the effort in to making memories. Making the conscious effort to create them EVERY day. It doesn’t have to be big things all the time like Disneyland or Beach Vacations, though those are obviously wonderful, but little things in the every day and making the time to BE together – enjoying and learning together. I mean, we’ve always made memories and spent time together, and LOVED it. But it’s been a…

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A Science Lesson Kind Of Day

You might remember my recent posts about our little wasp friend {here and here}. We set up a lovely home in a large jar we have, filling it with twigs and leaves, etc. Reading online that wasps typically feed on caterpillars and other insects {though I have since learned the adult paper wasps eat nectar and feed their young with the caterpillars…good to know}, and not having caterpillars in our backyard at the time {we now have SEVERAL} I decided…

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Shower Gift Idea For The Baby Boys! {A #Sewing #Tutorial}

A friend of mine recently had twin boys – yes, she is busy…and yes it’s an adjustment…and yes she had lots of help {yay to big families and super helpful inlaws}…and yes she LOOOOOOOVES it! Truth is, she is about the 10th person I know to have twins and they ALL say it’s awesome. She also has a 4 year old son who is enjoying being able to love on his two baby brothers – who are arguably the easiest…

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Storyland Yoga {A DVD For Kids}

Every time I work out I have two little shadows that join in, trying their best to mimick the moves. I love it, and we always end up laughing and enjoy a wee moment of bonding. I love it when the kids see me exercising and doing what I can to keep myself healthy and strong {though, admittedly it’s not as often as I’d prefer}. And I love seeing them up and moving too – so much better than just…

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A *Pinterest* Date A Day {Day Seven}

I had to pin this activity myself so it would qualify for this particular feature. lol So, it is now on my Pinterest, but I actually found this fantastic idea from Domestic Charm – who originally found it from Smashed Peas and Carrots {which have both easily been added to my favorites list}. I was on my way to pick my daughter up from school but was determined to try this as soon as we got  home. I am so…

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