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Jill-e Designs {My Fabulous Camera Bag}

I first discovered Jill-e Designs last Fall while doing some computer work {ie google searches, blog reading, online shopping, etc.} and was thrilled when they contacted me in March to do a review. I mean, I do have a fabulous camera bag, but the truth is there are SO many awesome options out there – I want to check them all out.…

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Babadoo Designs {For Your Stationary Needs}

Years ago, thanks to a good friend, my love for adorable stationary began. I was constantly buying cute notepads and cards and other paper products to send little notes to friends. It sort of became an addiction of mine – and in fact just a year ago, I finally finished off the last of my collection started over 10 years ago. I admit, part of that is because sending these little notes has taken a back seat {thanks to facebook…

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A *Pinterest* Date A Day {Day Six}

Wow – life sure gets busy! But even though we’ve had lots going on, making it difficult to squeeze in our *pinterest* date, it doesn’t mean we haven’t spent time together. We’ve gone for bike rides, walks, played at the playground, cuddled, roasted marshmallows on the campfire, had a bbq with family, and more. We have had FUN! But, as promised – to myself and you – I couldn’t wait to get back to doing these fun ideas from Pinterest.…

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Mmmm…Bacon….JAM? {Seriously, Bacon Jam!}

I didn’t like bacon at all {can you imagine?} until our son was born. To get a little personal, I really had to struggle a lot to keep my milk supply up {something I did not have a problem with when our daughter was a baby}. I was eating all sorts of things, trying to see what helped, and strangely noticed a rather large improvement after having a homemade bacon and egg sandwich. Bacon became a go to item for…

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EMU Australia {And My Happy Feet}

Do you remember my post last November where I discussed not having any shoes? I really didn’t….though luckily our winter was so incredible I was able to wear my flip flops most of the time. #solucky But of course, every Canadian knows it won’t always be this way and I’m going to need to invest in some winter-appropriate footwear. In that post I discussed my fondness for some boots from a certain well known company. And I do love them,…

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Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits {3 Winners}

We just returned from a business/training trip in Calgary {for Brent}. Two hours+ each way, with dvd players that no longer work {ugh}means a lot of music playing. What did we listen to, you might ask? Well, Kidz Bop of course. *Sidenote: Jonah is incredibly proud  of himself for saying it properly. At first he would say it so quickly it came out Kidz Pop – but now he knows to take a break and enunciate it properly. And he…

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My Favorite Things To Build Memories #Hasbronews #fishertoys #thestep2company

You might remember THIS post where I talked {for the hundredth time lol} about how much I love holidays – and why. And how I really love the idea of putting them as one of our family and financial priorities, instead of on THINGS. STUFF. But, there are some companies out there whose products I LOVE and think are must-haves and really help facilitate some amazing memories. Because, let’s face it, we can’t  holiday ALL the time {bummer}.…

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