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April 2012

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I Believe In Holidays {And Was Born For It}

I felt pretty lucky growing up – it’s not like we took an insane amount of holidays but we did get to enjoy a few great ones and some fun getaways. Perhaps that’s where my love for them started. My parents owned their own business, and as such it was not a typical 9-5 work day. My dad worked in the field {finishing carpenter} from 6am-6pm 6 days a week and then came home to the in-house office to finish…

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Making Sight Words and Letter Recognition FUN!

Is it possible??? I’m so not a flash card mom, or someone who sits and tries to grill my kids into learning…but I do like the idea of encouraging the *interest* in learning with fun activities. This particular one also came from Pinterest, but the original post can be found on Juggling With Kids. I can’t wait to do this with both our kids, but particularly our son with his letters. He loves cars and loves letters, so I anticipate…

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Little Toot {Bring On The Dolphins}

Little Toot is a dolphin adventure boat, perfect for couples or families. Located in Clearwater, Florida, it is a great way to spend a couple of hours. The Little Toot is the only Dolphin boat that can go into the shallows as well as the Gulf to ensure more Dolphin sightings and closer Dolphin contact.  You are guaranteed to see dolphins on your trip or your next trip is free.  Since it is also a Tug Boat, it can create…

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Elephoto {An Elephant Never Forgets}

What’s the best way to ensure we don’t forget all the great moments we have in our lives? Photos, of course! I love photos – I love taking them, I love having them, and I LOOOOOVE looking through them again {and again}. And with the fabulous digital technology we have so many more opportunities for quality photos {no more fuzzy or discoloured photos discovered AFTER being developed}. On the other hand, how many of us actually DEVELOP our photos now?…

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