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A *Pinterest* Date A Day {Day One}

I was really excited to start this week – doing {at least} one special thing with Jonah…focusing on JUST him, no laundry – no dishes, computer, etc. Just him. Just us.

 I posted about this particular activity while we were in Whitefish over Easter because I thought it would be an easy and fun activity – I was so right!

I had no idea what I was going to use for the *board* as we didn’t have big enough boxes around AND I have no idea where our poster board. And then I found this somewhat mangled *Snakes and Ladders* box and thought it would be perfect {and could still double as the game box…voila, suddenly two games in one. HA!}.

Somewhat mangled Snakes and Ladders box

After taping up all the problem areas {but leaving one side down} I drew in the parking stalls {1 1/2" wide} and started marking with letter stickers

Being silly and excited when he saw what I was doing

All done - had to double up some of the letters but it worked fine. Jonah added the stop sign

We played and played – coming up with new variations each time:

*I call out a letter and Jonah parks car in that space

*We take turns and choose the letter the car is going to park in

*All the cars with eyes parked on one side, while the others without were on the other side {Jonah’s idea}

*Each car that was initially parked needed *a friend* so the next cars had to park beside them

*the options are endless!

We played over and over and he LOVED it!

The magic of a smile

And of course had to fill the entire board!


This was a great activity that not only took about 5 minutes to put together, but seriously created HOURS of fun! We played for about an hour, then Brent got home for lunch and played for about 30 minutes with him….he had a playdate in the afternoon but as soon as his friend was gone he was asking to play cars again. I’ll definitely have to make a more visually appealing board {with more options – letters, numbers, colours, shapes, etc.} but for now, and for today’s date, it was PERFECT!

Arguably one of my worst photos - but I LOVE Jonah's grin!


While I found the idea on Pinterest, you can see the original post on Juggling With Kids!

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