Making Sight Words and Letter Recognition FUN!

Is it possible???

I’m so not a flash card mom, or someone who sits and tries to grill my kids into learning…but I do like the idea of encouraging the *interest* in learning with fun activities. This particular one also came from Pinterest, but the original post can be found on Juggling With Kids. I can’t wait to do this with both our kids, but particularly our son with his letters. He loves cars and loves letters, so I anticipate he will LOVE this! {and how fun that his sister can be the one dictating for him}

Parking Lot Game

Call out a word or letter and your child *parks* the car in that place.

{This would even be great for colours, animals, shapes, etc}

You could even have a stack of cards that your child takes from the pile and tries to match

to the appropriate space? So many options!

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