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April 2012

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A Date A Day {& 14 Days Of #Pinterest}

It can sure be a juggling act sometimes – kids, self, husband, home, friends, and of course blogging. How do we fit it all in and still feel like we are giving our best? And really, it’s my husband and kids who need that best the most {one reason I love traveling so much}.  Over the past 9 months or so I’ve really been thinking a lot about the time with my kids, Jonah in particular because he is the…

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1 In Feature/ VACAY!!

The Happiest Place On Earth {It Shows In Their Faces}

As 150 fellow bloggers are enjoying themselves at this year’s Disney Social Media Mom’s Celebration held at Walt Disney World in Florida, I thought it fitting to share a photo from our trip to DisneyLand two years ago. They say it’s the *Happiest Place On Earth* – well, it’s also the most magical. You might be a skeptic {shame on you lol} but you can’t fake the funk. It shows in their faces:  …

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0 In Just for Fun/ Wordless Wednesday

Right Where I Left It {Wordless Wednesday}

We spent Easter week at the condo in Whitefish, but upon arriving there I discovered something less than awesome. One bag was left behind…contacts, solution, glasses, deodorant, makeup, brush, Brent’s shaving stuff {not that he shaves much on holidays}, and more…. And when we arrived home there it was, right where I left it. #ohthatmakesmemad…

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