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My Laundry Routine {And Why It’s Not Working}

Do you think it’s fair to say we all have goals and dreams for a laundry room like this:

Well I know I do. Especially when I thought the washer and dryer pictured were hot pink – they are, in fact, red….but I do love the punch of colour all the same!

I haven’t really adapted a laundry routine that I have found to work. While I like the idea of doing it all in one day {my sister in law’s preferred method} it just never happened for me. I’d get sidetracked with other tasks and cleaning and forget about it, messing with the timing of it all. And  then it would flow into multiple days. Then, wanting to just fold everything all at once – when not my thing either. I would put it off and put it off until I had buckets of clean laundry waiting to be folded….once it was folded, putting the kids away wasn’t a big deal but I hate reaching into my closet so much {too many clothes for a too small closet} that I am still left with a few shirt piles on the couch in our room. It didn’t seem to matter what I did, or how motivated I was in the beginning, it always ended up looking like this:

So I decided to try something different – committing to folding and putting away each load as it comes out. Even if it means I fold 3 kids loads and put them each away at different times. And you know what? It’s working! I often have to talk myself into it but it literally takes all of 5 minutes to fold and put away each load and then it’s done. I’m also finding our laundry hampers aren’t overflowing and I’m managing to do the loads when each hamper {whites/lights, darks, towels, and kids} has enough for just 1 or 2 loads….so I’m not longer battling a multiple load event. I do at least one a day, but it’s so much more manageable! And it’s a routine that works for me.

Now to build a bigger closet for my clothes 😉

Do you have a laundry routine that works or doesn’t? I’d be curious to know how others arrange it in their lives. This method will not work for everyone, but it works great for us and has for the past month. I’m loving it!

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