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Brooklyn *The Preschool Years* {My latest Blurb book}

Thanks to my initial review, blurb sponsored an amazing giveaway AND gifted me with an awesome gift certificate to use on another book. I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do and couldn’t wait to get started. 

Partway through grade 1 last year it occurred to me that the paper situation was getting out of control! I was good about keep it organized and in chronological order and put away {mostly lol} but still – how much do we really need to keep and will my children look through their crafts in 20 years and be glad they have boxes {and boxes} of papers??? But I can’t just get rid of it – I’m a sucker…sentimental for sure. So I figured I needed to find a way to keep it without *keeping* it.

And yes, Blurb was the answer!

So I set to work, scanning {and photographing where needed} each craft and piece of artwork. And, because Blurb is so awesome and easy – putting the book together was a cinch….I ordered it on a Wednesday and it arrived on the Monday – seriously fast shipping!

And here is what resulted. I LOOOOOVE it!!!!!


And now, aside from the few things I kept {father’s day things and footprint ones} we are paperless for preschool! I plan to do one for Brooklyn for K-grade 2 and then Jonah’s Preschool and for the fall I’ll be paperless and ready to scan and trash as things come in! But we can still look back and remember the cute things she made and how talented she was {and is}.

I {heart} blurb!

**I was provided a gift certificate from blurb as a result of my initial review – this follow up review

is done on my own accord and all opinions are my own. **


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