Lavish Lashes – {Av’ Lash Envy} #SAGE2012

Here’s another quick one so you can get entering!

You can read my initial review of these fabulous lashes HERE. You may also remember me mentioning how sad I would be when these fabulous lashes left my life….that day has come. You may be asking why….I still have credit {you get credit for referrals – awesome} and love them so. But the truth is, I went so long between visits and couldn’t get in in time, that the last few had to come out. At which point I noticed that my natural lashes needed a little tlc before indulging again – similar to getting fake nails, it’s important to rejuvenate every once in a while. So I am currently hiding out in my home until my lashes are back in full force – actually we have been at home quite a bit but I swear It’s not because of that {I’m vain, but not quite that vain….almost though, the thought did cross my mind lol}.


Anyways, I loved my Lavish Lashes experience and am looking forward to sporting the again at some point in the future. But for now – how about we just offer someone a free set? If you already have a full set, this giveaway will count for a free fill.

Avva rocks!

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5 thoughts on “Lavish Lashes – {Av’ Lash Envy} #SAGE2012

  1. ashley sanche

    i so badly need to win these!! without mascara i have like NO lashes!!
    fingers crossed…and toes too!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Missy Walls

    Hi. Wondering if your eyelashes have recouperated from the Lavish extensions? I was thinking about getting them done but am a bit leary.
    Thank you,
    Missy ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. cutelikeme Post author

      Yes, they did. It took a few weeks though, and I checked them several times a day. My suggestion is that if you have long eyelashes already, don’t get them regularly like I did. I might get them for a special function or boudoir photos or something again, but as a regular thing, not likely. I have long curly and dark lashes to start with – I’d be devastated if there was permanent damage somehow ๐Ÿ™

      But these are amazing!


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