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The White Barn & Co. {Incredible Giveaway} #SAGE2012

I have mentioned on another post that we are in the middle of some minor renos…but the truth is we have major renos on the brain. If I had it my way we’d gut the entire thing and start from scratch – or, in the most ideal scenario, we’d win the lottery and tear it down to start all over again {big dreamer}. But for now  I’m talking new paint, lights, and furniture…

We have our bedroom to do – which also means a new bed {so not a need but definitely a want} and all the matching pieces {our current bedroom can’t accomodate a bedroom set}.

Not to mention the bathrooms we have to redo and the space we need for storage. I mean – where do you put the schoolbags and coats {and boots} for each kid? Our front closet isn’t very big and our back entrance only has hooks – sometimes it’s a little tricky to organize. Okay, all the time it’s tricky to organize and I have yet to find a system that works smoothly.

Lucky for me, The White Barn & Co. has just the thing to solve this problem. I’ve seen the idea before and only now am starting to think it’s probably the best way to go. We’d have to use one of our guest bedrooms to accomodate but it’s big enough that it wouldn’t really matter. Have you seen them before – lockers? I mean, what a GREAT idea! There are lots of different variations but all serve the same purpose. Organization and Decoration – I want some!

Well, how would you like to win a set {lockers and bench}? I’m working on getting a photo of the actual set in this giveaway, so for now just imagine what it’s like. But this is an amazing giveaway worth $599 {and as usual I will be envious of the winner}!!!! 


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