Krazee Toes {Pretty Feet Giveaway}

The weather has been so nice here – unusually nice…where it’s usually -40 {celsius….which is -4o farenheit too!!!} it’s been sunny and warm-ish..and I’ve been wearing flip flops. I’m going to wear them while I can {and judging by the snow that is suddenly falling right now it won’t be for long….waaa}.

One thing that never changes is that I ALWAYS have my toenails painted. always. It’s just kinda a thing of mine – I don’t like *naked* toenails. And whenever I see someone who has them, I’m DYING to put some colour on. So next time you have naked toes, you can think of me…..AND you can thank me because I am going to introduce you to a fabulous alternative!


I love me some palm trees and bright colours - this is probably something I would choose.

Gone are the days of plainly painted nails {though let’s be honest, they have their place too} – now you can have designs and colour combinations that really show your personality. It’s time to let your feet have some fun too!

Katie Beth of Krazee Toes is offering a $25 gift certificate to one {VERY} lucky winner! {are your toes dancing in anticipation??}

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21 thoughts on “Krazee Toes {Pretty Feet Giveaway}

  1. Tracy VandenBiggelaar

    hmmm…I’m sure I have a “must have” quirk, but can’t think of anything off the top of my head…if I’m wearing open toed shoes my toes must be painted though, at least a clear top coat if nothing else

  2. heather havlin

    so cute… I have just started getting in to all the fun nail art stuff. I am a cosmestudent!

  3. Lauren Garrett

    The only quirk I can think of right now is that everyone knows not to talk to me until I’ve had my first diet coke! lol

  4. Trasina McGahey

    I cannot think of anything but I bet if I asked my husband he would probably come up with a list for me lol.

  5. Tara R

    Toenails are always painted. I’m on the same boat with ya about naked toes. And of course my jewelry… never leave home without it!

  6. Kayla F.

    I always have my fingernails painted, usually different designs. I get lots of compliments at work!

  7. Share Thomas

    never style my hair the same in a month for church, much harder to do now that my hair is short.

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  9. Jennie Hart

    I think it may be my mascara. I can not leave home without it. Oh and my cell phone ๐Ÿ™‚


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