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The Dating Divas – #lotsoflove Feature Post

Do you ever feel like the spark was dwindling? That finding and MAKING the time to do things with and for your special someone seems difficult? We don’t date like we used to….life gets busy and in the way….funds are tight{er} and we have more responsibilities to worry about….and sometimes the US takes a backseat?! It’s not right really, or fair….and honestly it can be difficult to make it our main focus.

I’ve never been one who found marriage difficult. I really haven’t…I feel like I adjusted well as a newlywed and have continued to as life has moved forward {having kids, buying a house, husband in school for a long time, etc.}. But what I can say is that making and keeping the relationship the priority it deserves to be IS work. Brent and I genuinely like each other and enjoy being together. We laugh a lot and love each other deeply. BUT we don’t always make BEING together a priority {probably my fault as I am so often on here lol}. I love the times we just put everything aside and curl up to watch a show together or work on a project together or play a game {though that happens less often because I am a sore loser and he destroys me at almost every game lol}. I love when we really MAKE the time for each other. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I love to holiday so much {seriously, MADE for it} – because it gives us the chance to remove ourselves from everything else and just focus on us and our family.

Two years ago {almost!} a group of 11 fabulous wives found they were feeling the same thing….that making their relationships the priority was going to take more work. So they did just that…put in the work! And became The Dating Divas – what has resulted is an incredible and popular site with some of the best dating ideas around.  Using their creativity they have found ways to bring the fun and energy back to their marriages, sometimes with big ideas, other times just something small, and then of course loads *somewhere in between*. I am sure each one of them could give you several noticable differences this has made in their lives…not just in their marriage relationships, but also with their children, and in lots of ways, most importantly with themselves.

If you have been on their site you know what I’m talking about….if you haven’t yet – don’t wait another minute! Now the trick of course is to not just READ their blog, but put their ideas into ACTIONS. The sooner the better!


Date Inspiration Pinned By The Dating Divas {I sooo wanna do this}

Recently The Dating Divas have compiled all of their favorites into two great e-books –  that are both soooo worth checking out!! The *A to Z Guide: 26 ways in 26 days to a Happier Healthier Marriage* is an immediate download for just $9.97!! AND  The Ultimate Date Night Book, being presold now, will be available in March {$37}.  You can find out more about these awesome items HERE {think wedding or anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, or just because!}.

Cute Like Me {HEARTS} The Dating Divas {I secretly want to be one}. And yes, watch for their appearance in my #lotsoflove Giveaway Prize Pack!!!!


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