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November 2011

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bCharmed *Another Giveaway*

Well I did it, I went to my first bCharmed party, and had a blast! The very first item that caught my eye was the Interchangeable bracelet. It’s something I’ve honestly never seen before and I LOVE how easy it is to customize to your outfit. Each strand is removable – and in addition to the three strands that come with, there are 5 additional strands available for purchase (for just $10 each!!).…

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Blurb *With Giveaway*

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this post! As mentioned in my Blurb Review Post, I was so impressed with the quality of their product and the ease of use, that I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. And I do – every time I know someone wants to put a similar book together Blurb is the first thing I suggest. I am THRILLED with the finished product and was so happy to gift the memory…

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One Tooth Active Wear

I love yoga pants. And anyone who knows me would confirm that I live in mine almost 24/7. They are comfortable and I also like the way they look…yes, I even like my butt in them! LOL I have some shorts, capris, and one pair of pants (that are too big)…and I want more! They literally go from my body to the washing machine (no time wasted in the laundry hamper) and dryer, back to my body. I wear them…

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Boogie Wipes *’Snot Your Average Wipe*

As I have discussed a few times before on here, I am ruthless when it comes to snot. If I see a runny nose, I can’t just leave it. I just can’t…I have to get it. Too many times my kids little noses have been raw and red from being wiped multiple times. It’s always so sad, but I just can’t leave them with snotty faces. *ick*…

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Scentsy – Plug-In Giveaway

I know – how awesome is this!!! Ending one Scentsy giveaway and starting another! You may remember my recent Scenty Post (one of many) and remember that I started with Scentsy a couple of years ago when a friend in the US was doing an online party. I had the order shipped to another friend in the USA and was able to pick it up while on vacay visiting! I love when I take someone’s word for a product and…

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