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October 2011

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Nachomamatees – Tshirts for the Men!

Don’t get me wrong – Nachomamatees has tshirts for women too, but how often am I able to feature products for men? Not nearly often enough I say – which is why I was so excited to be offered an item from Nachomamatees. I immediately put my husband to work choosing a tshirt to add to his wardrobe – and considering he still has shirts from high school (true story), this couldn’t have been more perfect. These tshirts crack me…

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Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

My heart just skipped a beat. I LOVE Disney- Land and World, having been to both as a kid. And, being able to take our kids to DisneyLand last May (2010) was pure magic – can’t you just see it in their faces! I look forward to being able to take them back, either to DisneyLand again or DisneyWorld for the first time (and seriously considered a Disney Cruise as well). I’ve always wanted to go during Christmas or Halloween…

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Boogie Wipes *’Tis The Season*

I was lucky enough in January of last year to review Boogie Wipes – and now with winter upon us again I can’t stop thinking about this fabulous product. As mentioned in my original post I am the *snot police* – if I see it, I can’t leave it. It’s that simple. And as a result, whenever either of my kids gets a cold, their poor little noses seem to be ripped to shreds by regular kleenex. Boogie Wipes were…

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Mexico Vacay *Dolphinaris* Part II

If you’ve been reading along, you probably remember my first Dolphinaris post. You also probably remember that not only had I been waiting *dreaming* of this for 15 years, but that the experience far exceeded my expectations. It was amazing and I could not have asked for better. So why the second part to this post? Well, quite simply, because there were two parts to this experience… I had planned from the beginning to purchase the DVD of our images…

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AdoraPet Children’s Books

I love to read…and, I love reading to my kids…now especially, I love listening to my daughter read. It’s pure magic. Not to mention how amazing it is to get taken into the land of make believe with every story told- I really believe it’s where dreams first begin. The magic of possibility, don’t you agree? So when I was offered the opportunity for my kids to review advance copies of the AdoraPet Children’s Books, I couldn’t resist. The only…

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Frecklebox *Not Yet Personalized Children’s Book*

I’ve been a fan of Frecklebox since my daughter was sent her very own personalized book just over 2 years ago. We still love that book and I know that Brooklyn just loves seeing her name in print (especially since she started reading a year and a half ago). When I received an e-mail telling me about their new *Not Yet* Personalized Book, I had to post about it. It immediately made me think of a friend who is due…

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Smilegram Paper *Make Someone Smile Today*

  My kids are just like their mama….they LOVE stationary. Often one or both of them can be found drawing little pictures or writing notes to each other, their friends, or, my favorite…ME! 🙂 When the opportunity came up to review stationary from Smilegram Paper I knew this was something they would LOVE! So I set to work trying to pick the design they would both like…The Fun Jumpin’ Froggies did the trick! Not only do they love the paper…

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Making Time For Us!

A few years ago I read a blog post about the writer’s *word for the year*. Having really liked the idea, I decided to adopt the idea for myself. Since then, I have done just that….choosing a word that represented something I wanted more of in my life or wanted to work on – such as my word last year which was, Simplify. What’s interesting about that is last year was anything but Simple. In fact the past two years…

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