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It’s My Birthday…My Age and My Theory

A year ago I would have thought this birthday would have brought the following reaction:

And here’s the thing – it still kind of does….I am realizing that I am now the age my mom and aunties were when I was my kids’ ages (they seemed so old haha) – It feels like the older I get the faster time goes by. Not only have I been married for nearly 9 years (unreal), and have two beautiful kids (7 and 4), BUT….I’M TURNING 31! And I don’t know how that happened! haha

But seriously – here’s my theory, one I had to create last year while embracing the fact that I was turning 30. Life doesn’t really start for us until we are 15 – you know, before then we typically are at the mercy of our parents and all those in charge of our well being. Our freedom is fairly non-existent – and there just aren’t many options for us to take different paths or explore who we are (and want to be). But around the age of 15 we start *spreading our wings*, having our own experiences, discovering more of our likes and dislikes, setting and achieving goals, and really growing into the person we are going to become.

So when I turned 30, I much preferred to say I was turning 15….I have a whole life ahead of me – with all that I’ve accomplished, not just in those 30 years but specifically in the last 15 – I can only imagine what I have ahead of me. And I am truly SO excited.

So – this year, while I’m turning *ahem* 31 (it’s still a little hard to swallow. lol) I’d really like to think of it instead as my:

Now I’m wishing I had planned a big *Sweet 16* Bash…well I did get to spend the weekend at two fabulous Halloween Parties – so perhaps I should consider the day sufficiently celebrated!

So there….30 is the new 15, and 31 is the new

I just liked how girly this one looked so had to put it in too!


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