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Nachomamatees – Tshirts for the Men!

Don’t get me wrong – Nachomamatees has tshirts for women too, but how often am I able to feature products for men? Not nearly often enough I say – which is why I was so excited to be offered an item from Nachomamatees. I immediately put my husband to work choosing a tshirt to add to his wardrobe – and considering he still has shirts from high school (true story), this couldn’t have been more perfect.

These tshirts crack me up, and my husband and I certainly shared a few giggles. It wasn’t an easy decision – why is it that tshirts give us the permission to be *innappropriate*? It’s like a great comedy act – nothing is off limits.  I mean, SO many funny shirts!

Brent chose the *I Love To Read* Tshirt which can be found in the *BEST Sellers* category

Because he can't take a normal/non-goofy photo I was forced to take a photo without his face. LOL

No words, right? That’s okay, don’t say anything – just laugh along 🙂 We have gotten more than a few comments on this shirt – mostly women saying they need it for their husbands too! (I see you all nodding in agreement! lol)

Okay, so aside from being funny how are the shirts? AWESOME!!!! They aren’t *just* funny, they are great quality and fit perfectly. Accurate sizing makes it easy to choose the perfect fit for you (or him)…We are both really happy and I know Brent has his eye on a few more – what will he choose next?

Check out their site for *80’s Tshirts*, *Funny Tshirts*, *Vintage Tshirts*, and yes (of course) their *Girls Tshirts* – and sooooo much more! Oh and don’t forget to check out their Daily Deal – one shirt priced at $6.99!!!

**Disclosure: The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of this review.

The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation**



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