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Making Time For Us!

A few years ago I read a blog post about the writer’s *word for the year*. Having really liked the idea, I decided to adopt the idea for myself. Since then, I have done just that….choosing a word that represented something I wanted more of in my life or wanted to work on – such as my word last year which was, Simplify. What’s interesting about that is last year was anything but Simple. In fact the past two years (prior to this year) were easily my most complicated…and as a result, my word for this year was essentially chosen for me.

You see, these past two years (again, prior to this year) had me in a pretty involved, intense, and emotional situation with a very dear friend. And it wasn’t until I was able (or rather, forced, when a situation slapped me hard in the face) to take a step back that I realized just how deeply impacted I was by all that occurred. As a result, I discovered that I was in serious need of boundaries and had to face the difficult realization that I had very little left to offer…to anyone. I needed some tlc…some rejuvenation…some FUN! (yep, that’s the word).

It became clear to me that I needed to not only make more time for those that were/are important in my life, but also for those who made it clear that I was/am important in theirs. My friends and family have always carried deep value and importance to me, and this experience only confirmed why. When we meet someone new, they quickly become like family – it’s how we are, and how we like to be. That will never change…I made time for the people who made time for me…and those who didn’t, I had nothing left to offer to. I had no fight left in me…not because I didn’t want to, but because I honestly just didn’t have it in me. I hate to make it sound so dramatic, and it wasn’t some silly game, and if I had the choice to do it all again, I wouldn’t even hesitate…I care so deeply for this person and all involved – But I understood that I was in a place of really needing to *refill my cup*, if you will. It was crucial.

So, that’s just what I did. I made even more time for my husband and our kids….we made more time for activities, for our friends, and for fun….We took more mini trips, a big one (even kidless), some camping trips, enjoyed more relaxation, and got more done in and around the house. I offered to help less, not because I didn’t want to help (because I did and I do), but because I recognized that I had to move some of my *wants* into the *needs* category – and as a result, needed to let those things take priority. And let me tell you, this year has been  incredible. I needed it so badly and am SO grateful I trusted my instincts, my emotions, and really allowed myself the opportunity to improve my life…our life.

So now, as we are embracing this year’s word of FUN, we are also trying to maximize on last year’s word of SIMPLIFY. We are currently doing a huge purge of the stuff that has accumulated over the years and really trying to *simplify* our lives in this way. Less stuff….more time…more friends….more fun! And in the end….more to offer – everyone.

It’s Time for US!

**Boudoir Photo taken by the ever talented Heather of Heather Ward Photography**





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