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October 2011

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Liebster Blog Award *On My Birthday*

  Well let me tell you – I’m just tickled pink! Today on my fabulous 31st *Sweet 16* birthday, Cute Like Me Blog has been recognized as an *up and coming* blog….and as such, I’ve been awarded with the Liebster Blog Award. From who, you ask? Well another most fabulous blog – QueensNYCMom won this award as well and has passed it along to me and 5 other blogs that she felt deserved special recognition. So HUGE thanks go to…

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It’s My Birthday…My Age and My Theory

A year ago I would have thought this birthday would have brought the following reaction: And here’s the thing – it still kind of does….I am realizing that I am now the age my mom and aunties were when I was my kids’ ages (they seemed so old haha) – It feels like the older I get the faster time goes by. Not only have I been married for nearly 9 years (unreal), and have two beautiful kids (7 and…

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Fawn & Forest

Does online shopping make your nervous? When you are looking for items for your child or home, do you find it difficult to know if you are really getting what you want? Fawn&Forest is one company that takes these concerns and puts them at ease – making online shopping fun and easy, while taking care of you throughout the entire order process. Shopping with fawn&forest equips you with extensive, accurate information about each product, empowering you to make the best…

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Weekly Girly Grey’s Night *And Gyoza’s*

Every Thursday night my friends and I get together to stay up way too late watching Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. It’s a tradition we’ve had for the past few years – we love it. We always end up chatting and just having a great time – nevermind how much we enjoy following the storylines on each of these shows. And of course, we love the snacks! Tonight I was craving Fresh Vegetable Gyoza’s from Costco…but sadly we don’t have…

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Crazy Dog Tshirts – One more for the men

I know, my husband is SPOILED! But he really had so much fun looking through and finding shirts that he loved. As I asked in THIS post – Why is it that tshirts seem to give us permission to be inappropriate? In comparison – like a great comedy act, where nothing is off limits. Things make you laugh that just seem to wrong to laugh at – but they are just so funny you can’t help it. It is what…

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Scentsy *Enliven the Senses*

I have loved candles my entire life – often getting suckered in by candle stores and mall kiosks. I love them – though found it difficult when I purchased a particularly pretty or unique one because I didn’t want to ruin it. LOL And I have to admit, I have always been the worst at trimming the wick each time (I know…horrible). And since having kids, having an open flame – no matter how high up – doesn’t exactly give…

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May Books *No More Ugly Notebooks*

I love a good notebook…I use them ALL the time. And let me tell you, most of them take quite a beating. Not usually that pretty to begin with (just your regular run of the mill notebook), they certainly have minimal appeal at the end. But no more…..may I introduce to you the new wave in notebooks….oh, but not just any notebook…PRETTY notebooks (yes, it matters lol). I am so excited to introduce you to… But they aren’t only *pretty*…

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Costume Squad – Another Tshirt for the Men!

I’m not sure how Brent got so lucky…oh wait, I am, I passed  these tshirt review items to him! (Yep, Wife of the Year award!!!). I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, seeing as – as mentioned before – there aren’t as many reviews or giveaways on men’s items and of course his high school wardrobe is in need of some *ahem* help. So this was really fun. Brent scoured Costume Squad for the perfect tshirt – and finally made his…

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