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Shaw *Review*

We switched our internet and phone provider over a year ago to Shaw. No real reason – we weren’t unhappy with our current provider in any way, we just noticed that Shaw was cheaper. So we switched – of course months after the switch we got several phonecalls from the previous provider offering all sorts of deals. Why don’t they ever offer these to existing customers? Anyways, we have been really happy with Shaw and had no desire to do the switch again. So we’ve stayed.

I got a phone call Monday from Shaw that I would normally ignore (because we never go for the offers) and was sort of impressed. We don’t have cable – only had it for about 3 months when we were first married and the connection hadn’t yet been cut from the previous tenants. We never felt like it was an expense we wanted and also felt like we’d spent too much time watching it (imagine that). Anyways – this offer….High Speed Internet, Phone, AND Cable with a FREE HD PVR for LESS than we are paying now. I couldn’t refuse.

Just when all the shows are starting again, and considering my love affair with HGTV (nevermind all the Auction House, Storage Unit, and Pawn Shop shows we love watching)…I was smitten. She had me at hello. Now this special price is only good for 6 months, at which point it goes up OR we cancel (and have to give back the PVR *sniff*)…but I am so excited about it. I know why they do it – to hook us. And it will probably work on us. LOL (though I suppose that depends on the $$$ after the promo period).

They had a guy come in THE NEXT MORNING! When does that EVER  happen? And he – Joel – was fabulous. Our front room doesn’t actually have a cable outlet (seriously)…or should I say *didn’t* because he insisted on putting one in, because it’s where we primarily watch. We lose out on some HD channels because our tv is not HD, so when I suggested the PVR be placed in the basement with the big screen (until the family room is renovated) just to make it easier, he again insisted on putting it *where we want it*. I didn’t want to make more work for him (that didn’t, but the putting a cable outlet in our room did) but he was so easygoing about it and genuine in getting us the best experience.

I am THRILLED with Shaw. THRILLED. And Joel was absolutely fantastic and got the work done so quickly (perhaps having 7 young kids here helped haha). Even with having to leave for a bit (server or something was down at work so he couldn’t finish until it was back up) – he came back within an hour and finished everything up.

Now to make this deal permanent….(a girl can dream)…and I need to get a tv in my kitchen. *bliss*


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