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California Vacay – {Matteo’s Dream}

I know I’ve said it before – but California seriously has the BEST, MOST AMAZING parks. Parks like nothing I’ve ever seen…spacious so lots of kids can play, and made with such variety that kids of all ages can be safe.

While in Concord, and upon discovering there were no beaches there, we happened upon a pretty amazing *little* park that absolutely took my breath away. Even now as I am thinking about it, I am in awe.

What’s so special about Matteo’s Dream? That’s simple – it’s a playground for children of ALL abilities. Not a detail was missed.This park isn’t just Matteo’s dream, it’s his mom’s too. Liz Lamach worked incredibly hard to get this park together. Her son, Matteo is in a wheelchair and is blind, and now, even he has a safe and fun place to play….with ALL children.

1500 volunteers built this amazing and unprecedented 16,000 square foot park in just 8 days! Unreal!

The playground incorporated many accessible elements allowing children with disabilities to play alongside able-bodied children.  Accessible elements and fun features include:

  • Wheelchair ramps allowing children in wheelchairs or walkers to be positioned on upper levels of the structure where they can “play on the colossal Rocking Boat and platform tree houses
  • Visually impaired children have access to a sensory garden and tactile Alpine slide with three types of surfaces for children to feel
  • High back swings
  • Clear see through tunnel for autistic children who have difficulty transitioning from light to dark places.
  • Low and high overhead ladders and sets of rings allow wheel chair access
  • Large scale xylophone style instrument
  • Water misters
  • Aluminum slide was installed for children with cochlear implants.  Static derived from plastic slides fry the surgically implanted cochlear devices.  Slide surfaces stay cool even when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.
  • Separated Tot Lot includes equipment suitable for the youngest children
  • Entire playground surface is wheelchair friendly

I am so taken with this park…with it’s purpose, the dream, and what it accomplishes every time a child of any ability comes to play. This brings worlds together, and recognizes that all children just want to have fun.

If you are ever near Concord, California this is a MUST stop! A MUST!!!  For more details and photos of this amazing park, go HERE.

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