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Hapari {Customer Service Experience}

Ordering from a company online can be a little daunting to some, particularly clothing…and *gasp* swimwear. Will the product fit properly, be flattering, be the colour or pattern indicated in the photo, etc. Even as an avid online shopper, it’s something I tend to be leery about. Another thing I generally hold back on is ordering from a site that doesn’t utilize Paypal. I like having the protection of the *middle man* should something go wrong. How is their Customer Service organized and do they take every opportunity to make the situation right for the customer?

I recently did a Hapari giveaway on this blog, and was also given the opportunity to try out some of their swimwear for myself. Naturally, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to do my online shopping! I decided on the Metro V-Neck Tankini, Metro String Bikini Top, and the Regular Red and White Polka Dot bottoms. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the tankini and bikini tops were the same pattern. haha That wouldn’t have bothered me except that I found that the V-neck tankini didn’t fit me as well as I had hoped….I’m telling you all right now – it was a me issue, not a product one. My body (ie. the *girls*) was not flattered by the style. SO, I packaged it up with a copy of my receipt and sent it in the mail for an exchange (yes, they allow unwashed and unworn swimwear to be returned or exchanged…just one more reason to love them!). Having tried on one of their suits at a friend’s house I knew the Sport style was much better for me and I loved the way it looked. I decided on the Red Aloha Sport Tankini instead.

I was contacted by Customer Service informing me that they were sold out of the one I had requested *waaa* so I went to work choosing a new one. Wanting one that would still match my bottoms, I chose the Raspberry Ice Sport Tankini and anxiously awaited it’s arrival. LOL

Here’s the awesome part. Whitney, who works for Hapari in their Customer Service Department, and who I had been corresponding with through e-mail, phoned me to let me know that the Raspberry Ice Pattern was more of a hot/fuschia pink instead of red, and would therefore not match the bottoms I have. How awesome is she!!!!

She then took some time to help me consider the other options that would match my bottoms and I was able to decide on the Flower Candy SOS – which she said is one of her favorite suits. ūüôā Her knowledge of their suits and her experience with either herself or other customers’ feedback was so helpful in my decision.

I have no persaonal affiliation with Hapari (though I am hopeful to win their model search) or Whitney (though I can tell already she’d be a phenomenal friend), I was just extra impressed with not only their product, but their impeccable customer service as well! I have no hesitation, whatsoever, in giving Hapari the {Cute Like Me} Seal of Approval! It has quickly become one of my all time favorite places to shop!

p.s. If you are wondering….the sizing of their suits is right on and I couldn’t be happier with the way they fit. As mentioned, the V-neck tankini just wasn’t a great *style* on me…but the suit itself…beautiful and excellent quality…and Hapari is a company I’ll be buying from for a LONG time!

p.s.s. Don’t forget to take a peek at their Sale Section….I just ordered two new bikini tops for *get this* $5 EACH!!!

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