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Jo Totes Camera Bags – IT ARRIVED!!!! *Review*

I recently won a Jo Totes Camera Bag (it pays to enter giveaways people!!!) that arrived last week and I couldn’t be more THRILLED! I was sooo hoping to win it for our upcoming vacation so I can carry my camera and other purse items carefully and easily – without having to have two separate bags (nevermind alleviating the stress of taking a camera on the airplane, etc.). It came packaged in a soft linen type bag (with the Jo Totes logo on it – nice touch!) protecting it from the shipping process inside the box. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it – just seems like a waste not to find a great use for it.

Rose Teal

I chose the Rose Bag in Teal – it was the first one that caught my eye so I went with it. Though to be honest, I now want it in Raspberry (wasn’t listed at the time) and Marigold…and the Tote Noir…Is it too much to have 3 camera bags (have I mentioned I’m not a photographer. haha)??

I love how easy it is to arrange the dividers, how easily the camera and lenses fit into the bag, AND how I can fit my wallet and other purse items in easily as well. I even made a separate little section for them. And I love that it comes with a longer strap too so it can be a shoulder bag…and the fabric is sooo soft! *though don’t be fooled into the thinking the front gathering is a pocked – it’s not…(though it’d be neat if it was *hint hint*). But it did the trick and held my rings while I was swimming and gave me a good chuckle when I went to retrieve them and my hand went all the way through.

I am officially and geniunely IN LOVE with this bag and want to spread the word to everyone (hence this blog post!). If you are a photographer or just have a nice, big camera – this is the bag for you! The quality is amazing, the colour is vibrant, the price is affordable ($87-$98) and I can already tell that I will be taking this bag EVERYWHERE!!!

Check out Jo Totes to find a style that’s perfect for you!


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