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Who motivates you?

I often find myself reflecting on the many great people in my life. Considering why our lives have crossed paths and what things I could and should learn from our interactions. And I am constantly inspired and motivated by those around me.

One such person is my friend, Nicole Wagner. I first met Nicole 6 year ago on an online parenting forum. I knew right away that she was someone I wanted to be good friends with. She’s kind, honest, supportive, fun, funny, gorgeous, loyal, and motivated – among a million other things! And all of these things make her a pretty inspiring friend. Nicole is setting goals ALL the time – but more than that, she is achieving them…and exceeding them. Years ago she shared with me her desire to become a freelance makeup artist. Not only did she follow that desire by getting the appropriate qualifications, but has, since then, built herself a fantastic business and is one of the best makeup artists I know. Check out her website HERE (her husband is also a fantastic photographer – check out his site HERE).

Oh but that’s not all…Nicole has always had a dream to run, but only in the past two years has really made it a priority in her life. Taking time to achieve our goals is not always easy but Nicole finds a way – she MAKES the time. With the awesome support of her amazing husband, kids, and friends, she has been able to set and achieve some pretty awesome goals. Having recently hired Joel Gordon as her running coach, Nicole is seeing even greater achievements – improving her 10k time by FIVE minutes in just 4 months of training for example! She is now about to begin her 10.5 week training in preparation of her first MARATHON!!! You can follow her journey HERE. (Show her some love – she is pretty amazing!)

Nicole and Coach Joel Gordon

Nicole is, without a doubt, one of those people put in my life to motivate and inspire me. She is an incredible woman, a fantastic wife and mother, a loyal and committed friend, and so so dedicated to setting, achieving, and exceeding her goals. She just makes it happen and makes me want to make it happen.So as I make the preparations for our upcoming holiday (ie working out) I will be constantly reminding myself that Nicole just FINDS and MAKES the time. That these things are important and worth investing in – and not just for a holiday, but for life in general. Her presence in my life has and will make me even better. Gotta love friends like that!

So take a minute to sit back and consider

who motivates you?

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