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February 2011

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Who motivates you?

I often find myself reflecting on the many great people in my life. Considering why our lives have crossed paths and what things I could and should learn from our interactions. And I am constantly inspired and motivated by those around me. One such person is my friend, Nicole Wagner. I first met Nicole 6 year ago on an online parenting forum. I knew right away that she was someone I wanted to be good friends with. She’s kind, honest,…

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Mennonite Girls Can Cook!

CAN THEY EVER!!! I am SO happy to have been directed to this fantastic blog. Mennonite Girls Can Cook is a collaboration of 8 fabulous Mennonite Girls/Women, Ellen, Lovella, Judy, Betty, Annaleise, Marg, Julie, and Bev, all sharing their love (and passion I can see) for recipes, hospitality, relationships, encouragement and helping the hungry. This is the blog for me! I literally spend 90% of my day in the kitchen. I LOVE trying new recipes, entertaining friends, and just plain…

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Boston Pizza – GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!!!

I love that more and more restaurants are adding things to their menus to cater to those with gluten allergies.It’s making this experiment more exciting and easier for those times when I’m out. Last week I ordered in Little Caesar’s for the kids (cheap) so our sitter wouldn’t have to worry about anything while we were out. Now let me tell you this – going Gluten Free has been the easiest dietary change I’ve made by far. But takeout pizza…

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I love popcorn…Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper

But microwave always seems to fall a little short. We have eaten it for a long time because our popcorn popper isn’t good at all and we’ve never made it a priority to buy one. Besides, I try not to eat it too often because I love LOTS of butter and seasoning. So what once could have been classified as a healthy snack jumps itself right back into the *rarely* category. My friend has this fantastic popper, so when I…

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California Trip – On the Road Again!

Finishing up our stop in Utah, we headed on our way to California. First Stop: Sacramento! On our way – we made a stop to fill up with gas….actually what’s so humorous about that is we were pretty negligent with it – I’m surprised we never ran out….one of us would have a brain wave all of a sudden and upon looking at the gas gauge would realize we were almost empty. oops. Anyways – I’m so glad to have…

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