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There is magic in…

Disconnecting from the world and connecting with family.

That is just what I had the huge privilege of doing this past weekend. My parents and I along with my uncle, 6 aunts (and one of their husbands), and a few cousins all made the trek to Swift Current, Saskatchewan for the funeral of my uncle Bob. Some of us stayed with my great uncle and his wife and others stayed with bob’s ex, Bonnie, who we love and who was instrumental in raising two of his children. The funeral Saturday was beautiful..despite the sadness at the occasion, we found many reasons to smile. From Bob’s grandaughter drawing a picture on the casket for *grandpa* to the funny memories shared in the eulogy by my aunt Marion, to hearing a recording of Bob telling of a meaningful childhood memory. We found hope. We found each other.

We were all set to make our ways home Sunday, but the weather had a different plan. I suppose Bob had a different plan. And with no internet access (okay, not even a computer) we all were blessed to spend some truly amazing quality time with one another. Some games played were shuffle board, pool, monopoly, whist, nerts, and cribbage, all combined with fabulous company, food, and conversation. We also enjoyed listening to my aunt Della *jam* with my great uncle (her uncle) and his grandson. We love music…and while I am certainly not among the talented in our family – it does my heart good. Fills my soul. And brings us together. We are so very blessed.


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